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Khalil Haddad



Born in United Arab Emirates 1984

2009-2013 Studied at the School of Business Administration

Life is amazing. So many wonderful people and objects to capture and here comes my job. My talent was given by God (brace God and Hallelujah), my talent was and still being spiced up with my everyday practice through catching every opportunity and moment.


I Studied Business Administration in Finance and I do Insurance for living (Boriiiiiiiiing, I know ;-p ) but to keep my wild & creative side alive, I professional photograph as freelancer since 2005. SOooo, if you have any event like wedding, birthday party, corporate event or family gatherings or you need a family portrait or modeling portfolio, JUST E-mail me and lets arrange for a meeting.


I get inspired by fitness heroes & fashion icons and I believe in the 3 Ls: Live, Love & Laugh.


NOW go follow me on Facebook or Instagram and let the fun beginnnnnn.

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